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We are focused on results and numbers, an agency that is sincerely passionate in your growth and will go the extra mile to achieve new heights. We are prepared for any and every situation and always keep up with the latest trends to prevent any disasters. We will custom tailor a strategy that fits precisely your business needs.

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We thrive for excellence and we believe that synergy between us and our clients is critical for success.

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Our Story

Hey, it's Valter here!

The founder and project manager of this very same agency you are browsing right now. Let me take a moment to share the story how all of this become to be what it is today.

I was interested in marketing and everything digital for as long as I can remember, could've been because I was destined for this... or the much more likely variant of me being extremely nerdy and instead of spending time outside, I'd rather study new digital concepts and build websites behind a computer all day long. My mother absolutely hated that.

I started out as a web designer at the ripe age of 14, designing beautiful sites for dirt-cheap and serving them to the friends of my family but this didn't last very long as just partial web design quickly became obsolete after the mainstreamification of content management systems such as Wordpress. No biggie. "Adapt or die," or so I thought.

Fast forward a few years, and after graduating high school I decided to put my skills into a real use and become a digital nomad, a freelancer and started taking all sort of sketchy odd jobs, from backlink building and penalty removals to spamming emails and data entry. I met clients from well-known publications to absolutely unheard projects, from mom-and-pop businesses to eCommerce stores. It was a chaotic period but I be damned if this didn't equip me with a skill-set stronger than concrete and further motivate me down the line.

Soon enough, I was made an offer by a company that I simply couldn't refuse. Before I noticed, I had begun the infamous 9-to-5 office work but the work itself was tempting because it was attempting to compete and disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry: payday loans online. The challenge was too good to pass up. Every marketer knows that if you are able to break it through there, you will be able to break through anywhere. There are very few tasks harder than that. It was a hard grind through blood and sweat but in just less than 6 months I had already exceeded all and every expectation set for me: we had almost doubled our revenue from organic traffic and on top of that we also managed to rank #1 for "quick loans". A term that is sought out by extremely well funded global banks with billions in budget. Insane!

But not long after, I was approached by another company that I had absolutely no intention of joining. But their promise was of a promotion to a manager position, an SEO Manager and that of a company with a 100mil+ revenue. In the only possible industry more challenging than quick loans: online casinos. They didn't know if I was up for the job. I didn't know if I was up for the challenge. But I be damned if I wasn't curious to find out.

They flew me to another country, to a tropical climate, and soon enough I had more than 20 people under my management, having to finally appear professional, attend meetings, report to stakeholders, hire new recruits, market research on a global level and last but not least: improve the rankings of over 2,000 websites in the online gambling industry. For those who do not know, online gambling is one of the most lucrative, competitive and expensive industries one can possibly partake in.

A true challenge.

Now, the thing with SEO is that it's a long-term game, it needs super careful strategy and implementation, place all the pieces of the puzzle in the right order and all that in "natural behavior" as in not to get penalized by Google or everything would be over in an instant. Ouch, wouldn't like that!

SEO won't have an immediate impact or a rapid explosion point at levels this high. At this level of the game is the effect of cumulated rewards of quantitive actions. Rinse and repeat.

BUT THEN! Lo and behold! The unseen happened and under my direct supervision we not only managed to compete... We managed to rank on top 3 for some of the sweetest imaginable terms you can possibly think of ("casino bonus";"online casino";"casino coupon") which was just insane! I was soon promoted to a Senior management position and my life changed from conquering the world of online gambling to a mundane routine of attending meetings, from meetings to meetings. All day long. It was soul-crushing!

I'm a man of respect and integrity, I knew I was not passionate about attending meetings or wasting my life away in the office. I knew I had to stop before I burn out.

I knew I needed to do what I truly am most passionate about: growth marketing. Fiddle with the numbers, execute technical tasks and go several layers deep in consumer psychology to convert every. Single. Damn. Lead.

I needed to be the main driving force behind it and do it myself, this is what fuels and drives me, this is what makes me wake up before 6 am completely energized and enjoy my life. For me, the best part about digital marketing is the numbers. The numbers. You can measure your direct impact and generated profit by some simple, factual, hard numbers.

I am passionate about what I do and now I'm at the happiest I've ever been. I am keeping this agency extremely small and only accept few clients every now and then as what is much more important than flat income, is a stress-free and joyful life. I've further enlisted the help some of the finest PPC and CRO advisors I've met in my life to complement my SEO and growth expertise. Together, our portfolio is simply unmatchable for the price range we operate in. The agency is digital and due to that, we do not have the hidden costs of hired secretaries, accountants, lawyers and office rent. We are located in Europe (Malta and Estonia) for the cheap cost of living and that enables us to offer a kick-ass, full agency service for just a fraction of the price. While based in EU, the majority of our clientele are actually US-based and we have changed our time schedules to fit our clients' needs.

This is the story of how 11 Digital Media became to be. Hopefully, this story also gave you a good idea of what sort of people you would be working with. Are we the most professional bunch? Definitely not. We won't pretend to be who we are not. Instead, we let the results and numbers speak for themselves.

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