Does the client actually know what he is looking for?

As an agency owner, I meet a lot of people who are under the illusion that I must be desperate for new leads and clients. Well, not this agency. I make sure to work on projects where I know I can deliver the best results with the least amount of drama. If I happen to take a personal interest in the client’s project then that’s a sweet-sweet bonus and is likely a deal that I will offer a hefty discount too.

Let me tell you a story about a customer who I saved from getting ripped off

Before that, I need to point out the list of services we offer as a growth marketing agency:

  • Custom-tailored digital marketing strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversions and Sales Funnel Optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media and influencer marketing
    and so on….

But we treat every client per his needs basis. I am more than glad to personally consult all potential leads for free in regards what sort of marketing they might need.

So, this one software developer approaches me with huge enthusiasm after having created an Instagram marketing app. The application was definitely solid and very presentable, packed with features and very competitive pricing. After having a deeper look I proposed a fairly orthodox marketing approach but an effective one none-the-less but he insisted on hiring me for just SEO and PPC services.

The problem?

The app heavily violates Instagram’s TOS and there is absolutely no use for even ranking it on top page after possibly 6~10 months of heavy efforts because all it takes is one official report from Instagram to Google and this site will get de-indexed immediately. How do I know that? By pure coincidence, I just happened to be interested in automating Instagram marketing a while ago and all the service providers I had bookmarked, while still existed, just weren’t indexed on Google anymore.

Okay, no SEO, no problem! What about Facebook?

Now, think about this one. How are you going to advertise a tool that heavily violates Instagram’s TOS on the company platform that owns Instagram? *Disc-disc*.

I explained all that to the client as politely as possible and he was not a fan of my suggested strategy but still agreed to hire me for SEO. For me, that means I could’ve got paid for minimum 6 months of SEO monthly retainer and probably could’ve ranked the site as well but I know for a fact it wouldn’t have been the right marketing channel. Would’ve been easy money but sometimes you just got to do the right thing. So, I took the difficult decision to reject his project.

Random trivia: We turn down 74% of the customers who reach out to us for one reason or another.

He finally opted to not go for SEO and look for alternative methods.

For those who are curious what my “orthodox marketing approach” would’ve been then here it is: Invest into a proper direct response copywriter and promote your service on all the biggest underground black-hat communities with active marketplaces (I counted a total of 3 million members and marketplaces being the most active sections). It would’ve taken a sick copy, some graphics, thread management, solving potential customers’ questions, reputation management and taking the time to earn the communities’ trust.

Definitely not a standard solution that I’d usually propose but this is how I embrace the service of offering “custom-made marketing strategy for your business needs”.

Minimal stress and no drama is my personal motto.